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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does Lifebloom Corp. accept international orders?

A - Not only do we welcome international orders, we can also provide you with export assistance including finding a freight forwarder and providing the necessary import/export documentations.

Q - What is the minimum order quantity?

A - The minimum order requirement is only 1,000 – 2,000 units. However please keep in mind that the minimum order quantity can change based on the product(s) and packaging.


Q - How long does product development take?

A - The development process is not complete until our client is totally happy and content with the formulation. Generally, it takes a few days, but sometimes it can take a few weeks.

Q - How much does product development cost?

A - There are NO product development costs for your production of dietary supplements.


Q - How can Lifebloom Corp. have such short lead times yet still maintain such high quality?

A - We are constantly looking for innovative ways to streamline our process. For example, unlike many other companies we quarantine, test and stock large quantities of raw materials so they are ready for immediate use. In addition, we have a wide selection of in-house formulas that are readily available for use as well.

Q - Does a formula need to be provided or can Lifebloom custom formulate one for me?

A - A formula does not need to be provided in order to develop a product. One of the key factors that sets Lifebloom Corp apart is our fulltime staff of technicians and formulators who can help you formulate any type of product to your exact specifications.

Q - What kinds of packaging options does Lifebloom Corp offer?

A - We provide a wide selection of packaging options such as bottling, shrink wrap, PVC blister packaging, Alu/Alu blister packaging, cartons, and bulk packaging.


Q - How long does manufacturing and shipping usually take?

A - Manufacturing and shipping times vary depending on several different factors including, but not subject to raw material lead time, testing, packaging choices and so forth. Standard lead times for new orders are between 6-8 weeks and repeat orders are between 4-6 weeks.


Q - Do you guarantee your products?

A - We guarantee that any product we manufacture will be within the specifications of the sample that are approved by you. At Lifebloom Corp. we always stand behind every product that leaves our facility.

Q - I am interested in developing a product. How can I get started?

A - You can fill out our Quote Request Form online or you can simply call us at 562.944.6800 to speak with a representative directly. You can also email us at We will be more than happy to walk you through the product development process step-by-step. 
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