Lifebloom Corp.

Life Bloom Corp. brings years of formulating experience to each product we manufacture. We evaluate the appropriate amount of each combination of ingredients in order to support the designated use of your product. Our formulators and production managers have a wealth of knowledge and the technical know-how to determine which ingredient properties are best for the intended use and the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.


Whether you have your own formula or want to enhance a current one, Life Bloom Corp can aid in developing or changing any part of the formula in strict confidence. Alternatively for those who want to launch a product as quickly as possible, we also have an array of premium stock formulas that you can choose from. 

Lifebloom Corp firmly believes that taking precautionary measures is a necessity when it comes to manufacturing. We believe that this is the best method to reduce problems or any other surprises that can come with manufacturing. Therefore before purchasing any raw materials, samples are always requested of our vendors for inspection. Even after the sample is approved, all bulk materials that arrive at our facility are inspected again for quality. After a product is manufactured, our large inspection tables visually scrutinize every finished capsule and tablet for spots, cracks, dents, or discoloration. It is only after this procedure that the product is sent for packaging. 

Customized Formulations

Here at Lifebloom Corp., we believe that quality begins with carefully selecting and testing our raw materials. Our long-term relationship with reputable suppliers and our strict vendor approval process ensures impeccable quality in all our ingredients. We approve our raw material suppliers by visiting their facilities and their standards of processing and storage. Our quality control and research development team quarantines all raw materials that arrive at our facility and reviews each certificate of analysis. Our in-house lab rigorously tests all materials for identity, purity, strength, and composition; choosing only the highest grade. Probiotics or other temperature sensitive materials are stocked in a cold refrigerated storage unit.

Quality Control

Fully trained and experienced staff who can assist in choosing in-house formulas or creating customized proprietary formulas.

In-House Formulations

With hundreds of nutritional products out on the market today, it may be difficult to have your product stand out from the rest. In addition creating a formula with the countless number of ingredients out there to fulfill the intended purpose of your product may be confusing. We want to help you create a substantial formula that is uniquely yours so that your product can be easily recognized by consumers. 

Our in-house quality control lab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly inspect and test all raw materials before it is used. During the developmental stage of new products, our quality control technicians test pilots to check for stability, assay content and microbial screening. As full batches are being manufactured, randomly chosen samples are tested in these elements as well. Lastly before the final products are shipped out, our quality control team completes one last testing in order to ensure the quality of your product.